Stop Leaks at the Source

Ask about our local reroofing services in Prattville, Millbrook, Montgomery & Selma, AL

Dealing with roof leaks or storm damage can be frustrating, but getting the repairs you need doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Turn to Allen Cannon Roofing in Prattville, Millbrook, Montgomery & Selma, AL for local reroofing services. We can provide prompt and efficient storm damage repairs by installing a new layer of asphalt shingles to stop leaks and restore the look of your damaged roof.

Speak with our roofing experts today to discuss your storm damage repair needs.

Save money on your roof restoration

Unless your roof has completely caved in, you may not need a total roof replacement to restore your roof. Allen Cannon Roofing offers local reroofing services that can extend the life span of your roof by ...

  • Covering cracks and leaks in your roof deck.
  • Restoring the look of damaged or missing shingles.
  • Adding value to your home and curb appeal.

We also provide rubber reroofing services for small commercial buildings in Prattville, Millbrook, Montgomery & Selma, AL. Call now to see if reroofing is right for you.

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